Post-Metal looks to be more and more prevalent in the landscape of modern metal music. Given the proper push, it may even become the “next big thing”. Already, a league of excellent bands are coming out from the wood works of the underground, looking to climb to greater heights with every new release. Among the latest wave comes a band named Geniverse, creating a big sound from their humble home of Lansdale, Pennsylvania. This makes them local to other heavyweights of the sound such as Rosetta.

Geniverse has made a very strong case for their name to be placed amongst the pack with their debut EP “Solace In Sonder”. This release brings a high level of emotion both through the heavier parts and some of the more beautiful clean sections you’ll likely hear this year. This is all translated over the course of four tracks ranging at nearly a half hours worth of music. But, believe me, there’s no shortage of content on this EP.

This is precisely why we teamed up with Geniverse to bring the goods directly to you. Listeners of all walks can find the full stream of “Solace In Sonder” just below! If you enjoy the music just as many have, you can claim the EP for the price of your choosing over on Bandcamp! Also give them a like on Facebook and show some love while you’re at it.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp