It was announced awhile back that Tool would be headlining Arizona’s Monster Mash as their one and only live show for 2015. That performance has come and gone this past weekend and some interesting live footage is now available to the public eye, courtesy of concert goers. This includes what is allegedly being a called a new song!

It bears saying, even with the video’s title of “Descending” and the description given, there’s no proof this is actually a new Tool song. It could easily just be a live instrumental transition being advertised under the guise of a new song by a super fan. But one thing’s for sure – it does sound cool and very Tool-like. You can find the video evidence along with the description given below.

Tool Live. Descending (New Song) (Partial). Halloween 2015. Monster Mash.

I replaced the original camera audio of dickblitzky’s video source with my matrix of both recent audio recordings by LeifH and MeddleEarth, and edited the result. Sounds great. Also the video is now in proper sync.

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