Here is The Contortionist in a way that you’ve never quite heard before. The band just released a “Rediscovered” edition of their latest album “Language” – which saw significant changes in itself. This is currently available over on iTunes.

Through this follow up effort, they’ve re-written four tracks from the LP. The first of which was unveiled weeks back with a new version of  “The Parable”. Now, they’ve just unveiled a brand new video for the reworked version of “Language” through Alternative Press. You can check out both videos down yonder. We’ve also included the official press release below that. Enjoy!

The Contortionist have released a “Rediscovered” version of their most recent LP, Language. The new version contains four re-worked tracks recorded and engineered by John Douglass and mixed/mastered by Jamie King. The rediscovered tracks are accompanied by four all new music videos for the same tracks.

The video for “Language: Rediscovered” is premiering today exclusively via Alternative Press. “This song was the result of our music naturally leading itself through new ideas developed onstage and in rehearsal,” says Keyboardist Eric Guenther. “In a way, you could think of it as an artistically selfish move. We want these songs to continue their evolution and life. I can’t wait to do something like this again. Reinterpreting the songs after months of experimenting onstage keeps the experience and energy fresh for everyone that celebrates them with us.”


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