Here’s something fantastic that you should be listening to. Unaffected Evolution is a band rising from the Czech Republic with a very unique and infectious sound. Not to put them in a box but their style could be placed under the umbrellas of Alternative Metal and Progressive Metal while simultaneously reaching in a number of other directions. For being a relatively new band, they’ve already developed a very professional and conscious brand of music that frankly needs to be heard. They might just end up blowing your mind.

All of this and more is put on exhibition through the band’s debut full length effort known as “STUMPS”. The album serves as an absolute breath of fresh air to unsuspecting listeners the world over. Even with my frail words trying to describe what to expect, you’re still likely to be caught off guard by what you encounter. Through its nine tracks lay a maze of discovery and wonder destined to usher many listeners to the end. Through this, fans have been made with many more to come.

This is precisely why we opted to team up with Unaffected Evolution and bring the joy of their music to you! The entirety of “STUMPS” is now live and streaming over on YouTube for your listening pleasures. And, believe it or not, the album is also currently available on Bandcamp for a “name your price” download! It can’t get much better than this! Go forth and enjoy the music!


Links: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp