Turns out that the masters of experimental thrash, Voivod, will be releasing a brand new EP come February 26th! It will be entitled “Post Society” and it will bring 5 tracks with it. Two of the tracks we’ve heard on the band’s recent splits with At The Gates and Napalm Death. There will also be a Hawkwind cover along with two brand new songs!

You can check the statement from drummer Michel “Away” Langevin along with his cover art right here:

“More songs from out in the woods! In between tours, we are steadily finding our way through recording the next album at RadicArt studio. Many riffs were composed on the bus but until the North American tour with Vektor in 2016, we will spend most of wintertime in Montreal writing another batch of material. Meanwhile, we hope you will enjoy this EP of good old thrash-prog-punk-metal or whatever people want to call Voïvod nowadays : )”


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