Given the departure of vocalist Michael Barr from Volumes and the band holding public auditions, there’s been a good bit of hype surrounding the prospect of a new vocalist for the band. We’ve received all kinds of mail in regards to this – ranging from the auditionees themselves to prospects people think we should check out. Given the demand, it seemed appropriate to share those auditions with you. You can find a number of people trying out for Volumes below – in no particular order. See what you think…

Also, here’s the message from the band if you missed it the first time ’round… You can read the full statement by CLICKING HERE.

“With that being said we will be auditioning a new vocalist–if you are interested please send a video recording of you performing at least one of the following songs: Erased, Edge of the Earth, Up All Night or 91367. Send your video to the following email address: [email protected]

We are looking for the next level performer that fits our vibe/image, is ready to tour internationally with an established team and ready to be part of an awesome atmosphere. Being from the Los Angeles area would be a plus. Again, send your demo to [email protected]–if we are interested we will hit you back
in the meantime come out to the shows and see us tear it up.”

Okay, first one is a cover but damn… The rest are auditions.

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