Progressive Metal is a style of music that seems to know no bounds, especially when it’s served in its purest instrumental form. That’s precisely what makes bands like Odyssey so exciting. Here we have a troupe of highly talented musicians willing to bend their skills in a number of directions in order to create a worthy product. They’ve been at it for years now and show absolutely no sign of slowing their roll. In that time, they’ve put out a total of 5 releases and are currently prepping for #6!

That being the case, we’re proud to have teamed up with this band to bring you their latest single called “The Plot Thickens”. It, without a doubt, serves as a great addition to the band’s already robust discography. And if it serves as any indication of what’s to come next, now is the time to get excited!

As mentioned, Odyssey are currently gearing up to release a brand new album. It goes by the name of “Voids” and is set for release of February 5th. If you enjoy the music, not that both physical and digital pre-orders are available right now over on Bandcamp! Show some love!


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