Textures have been releasing a series of incredible singles in preparation of what comes next. The latest of these goes by the name of “Shaping A Single Grain Of Sand” and comes complete with an awesome music video! You can watch this down below. When you add up all the factors, you know good things are waiting on the other side from camp Textures.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t heard, Textures announced a brand new album! Or rather, they’ve announced two! They’ll be known as “Phenotype” and “Genotype” – the fruits of two and a half years of labor. The first of the two, “Phenotype”, will be released of February 5th, 2016 (only one week from now!) with the sequel dropping about a year later in 2017.

In addition to this information and some beautiful artwork, Textures have released a lengthy statement with more details. That being the case, you can learn much more about the new Textures music by CLICKING HERE.


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