Late last year, it was announced that Tool would be going on a tour of North America in early 2016. This was met with mixed reactions of excitement and disbelief. I bet there was some eye rolling as well. Tool only played one show in the entirety of 2015, after all. Not to mention their track record of activity (or lack thereof) has become a running joke in the music community considering they haven’t put out an album or done much of anything for almost 10 years (not quite 10,000 days).

However, Tool have played the first of these shows successfully with some surprises in tow. Among them was a performance of the song “Sweat”… for the first time since 1998. The song originally came from the band’s 1992 EP “Opiate” so it’s certainly cool to see it back in rotation. You can take in the video evidence of this down below alongside the original version.

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