Cartoon Theory is definitely one of the most amazingly weird acts out there. It’s essentially an instrumetal two-piece from France turned to a three-piece with the addition of the mighty drummer Travis Orbin (Darkest Hour, ex-Periphery, etc.) to their line-up. Together, they deliver trippy, out of the box ambidjent music.

Melting together a very original, unique, and groovy guitar tone and tasteful techniques with lively uplifting synths, this incredible musical unit will take your mind on a journey through some far off, imaginary, colorful places… or a street in Japan with lots of neon. A single listen is enough to appreciate how talented these guys are. Their music is hypnotic, original, and magnetic, but never fails to be powerful.

The band’s latest offering came in the form of an incredible album dubbed “Planet Geisha”. It packs in 8 tracks of pure creativity with a number of amazing cameos to boot. To support this effort, we teamed up with Cartoon Theory to stream the track “Sacred Geometry” featuring none other than Plini and David Maxim Micic! If extreme talents like this keep coming together, the world might actually implode. Give a listen:

If you enjoy the music as much as we do, head over to Bandcamp where you can pick this album up and weave through the band’s discography. As per usual, all of this is available for streaming over on that site. Show some love and support!


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