Is this the heaviest band from Taiwan? They may very well be up there. Emerging From The Cocoon bring an infectious brand of metal music crossing the Death Metal and Deathcore lines with plenty of technicality and energy to boot. This five-piece band has a destructive nature to them as they consistently crush ear drums song after song. They’ve been honing their craft since their 2007 birth in the city of Taipei.

Things really hit a fever pitch as Emerging From The Cocoon spread their wings to release the album “Lucifugous Moth” recently. The album consists of 12 monstrous tracks filled with twists and turns to cast on unsuspecting listeners. But one thing is for certain – this album is heavy on a number of levels.

In support of this, we got in contact with the band in interest of spreading the music. So, here we are! You can check out the track “The Great Politician”, complete with an animated video, down below!

If you enjoy the chaos, keep in mind that “Lucifugous Moth” is available over on Bandcamp. You can also show the band love and support with a “like” over on Facebook and by spreading the word. Stay metal, my friends \m/


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp