Unique Leader Records keeps on growing as one of the most exciting and ambitious record labels in the modern metal circuit. Over the years, we’ve seen a legion of talent pass under their reign. And every band stands to be synonymous with quality. That being the case – when Unique Leader Records signs a band or puts out a new album, it’s best to pay attention.

Recently, the label just added two bands to their arsenal. They are the ferociously talented instrumental unit Invoking The Abstract and the heavy-as-fuck Deathcore band So This Is Suffering. You can give a listen to music from both bands and find their respective links below. Chances are you’ll dig the music. Chances are even better that you should be looking forward to what comes next with the Unique Leader involvement!

Invoking The Abstract: Facebook // Youtube // Bandcamp

So This Is Suffering: Facebook // Twitter // Merch // iTunes