Ya know; one day when the cyborgs start to take over the world, I will have my playlist ready to fight to.

At the top of this list is going to be Sympuls-E.

Their recent release, though only two tunes and a Queen cover, immediately brought me back to the feeling I had when I first was introduced to the world of melodeath.

These feelings are good.

And yes, they make me want to fight cyborgs…

Or become one…

First one, then the other, I think.

All music casts me into a certain mindset and with this short release titled “System Duality” cyborg fightin’ suits me just fine.

From Russia with love, Sympuls-E epitomizes modern melodic death metal with blisteringly beautiful solos and fast and heavy drums. Awesome growling vocals capped and accented with clean vox here and there, I am very much into this release.

That being said, I decided to go and listen to some previous releases and holy SHIT THEY’RE AWESOME TOO!

If you’re into modern melodeath this should fall right down the line of what you’re after.

So excited to throw these fellas into my musical rotation.



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