Myrath have been around for a while, but given that they just released their latest album “Legacy” earlier this year it only seems appropriate to give them another shout out. Coming from somebody that genuinely hates power metal, I think these guys absolutely rule! Their creative song constructions, culturally unique vocals, and beautiful keyboard melodies help to aesthetically portray the landscape of their Tunisian homeland. Ultimately, they have a nearly perfect blend of catchiness and epic soundscapes. It’s also refreshing to see a band of this caliber not have to rely on soulless noodling just to prove that they hold merit within the scene. Myrath will surely have a future in this genre if they continue to refine their sound.

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Toothgrinder’s debut “Nocturnal Masquerade” is an odd yet captivating release.  Not only does it sound very mature in its composition, but it also has a very broad sonic approach. Each song displays chaotic riffs and vocals reminiscent of old school math metal bands juxtaposed against chorus sections containing eerie, dark melodies. The contrast being so extreme at times that it hooks the listener and immediately reels him or her in like a baited trout.  Furthermore, all of this is presented in a stripped down template with songs rarely exceeding the 4 minute mark. In short Toothgrinder is ferocious, technically proficient, and exhibit a truly creative take on modern hardcore. I anxiously await their takeover of the scene!

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Elder really stood out as something refreshing with their 2015 release “Lore”. Stylistically, this three-piece is firmly rooted in stoner metal with their emphasis on distorted guitars, a thunderous low end, and more hard rock-oriented vocals. With that said, their approach to song construction is more akin to progressive metal bands such as Opeth, in a sense that they compose lengthy songs (with the average being around 12 minutes), and frequently drop the vocals in order to let the instruments drive the songs. This instrument first approach really helps to promote their lead guitar work, which can be described as tonally bright, laid-back and at choice moments even breathtaking. Elder is a fantastic group and a great choice for anybody that actively dislikes, or just needs a break from, the oversaturated world of extreme metal.

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