Prepare to have your collective minds shattered. Mammoth is the real deal when it comes to composing next level Progressive Metal music. Musicians Wes Thrailkill, Aliyar Kinik, and Yasutaka Nomura allow their talents to collide head on in an instrumental format, bringing some of the best music you may have heard in awhile. This Los Angeles prog unit seems to be destined for big things!

Last year, they put out their latest effort entitled “Innate”. This serves as a monstrous listening experience from front to back bringing nothing but top notch talent into the fold. Currently, the record is available for purchase on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon. Show some love and support if you enjoy the music.

To bolster this incredible effort, we teamed up with Mammoth to bring their title track playthrough directly to your eyes and ears. We fully recommend you indulge in this right here, right now! Enjoy!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // iTunes