Uhtcearu (oot-key-are-oo): An Anglo-Saxon word that translates to pre-dawn anxiety or nighttime sorrow. It is the feeling of mysterious unease and unrest when you lie awake at night, unable to sleep, waiting only for the morning to dispel the darkness.

Here is an excellent band on the rise from Wisconsin. Uhtcearu flawlessly blend metallic sounds that don’t typically meet on common ground. To be more specific, they take elements of Melodic Death Metal to the creative blender alongside a Black Metal sound. The results are equally interesting and inspiring.

This is evinced in full through the band’s debut album “The Plight of Wanderers” which was released just this past week. You can stream the effort in its entirety over on Bandcamp where the LP is also available for purchase.

In support of this, we teamed up with Uhtcearu to bring you a taste of the musical greatness. As such, the album’s opening track “Rite Of Passage” is now live and streaming over on our YouTube channel! Have a listen and support these artists if you enjoy their work. Stay metal, my friends \m/


Links: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp