There are artists and then there are artists. Our current generation of artists and musicians are taking a dynamic turn as they search for their windows of opportunity to expose to the world their music. Abraham Sarache is such an artist who is making advancements in the world of music, covering all aspects not only with his associates, but also putting his musical abilities to the test. Drums, guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, venezuelan cuatro… The list seems to go on as this musician is not only the lead singer, but also the executor of all of these previously listed instruments. A similar list can be drawn with his musical experiments: Rock, alternative, metal, progressive, joropo, opera… He has left no stone unturned and continues to seek his newest challenges. The modern day artist has to resort to such dynamics to excel in today’s rigorous dog-eat-dog world of music.

His new work “The Gardener” is an alt/progressive rock concept album with the inclusion of folk instruments like ukulele and venezuelan cuatro. To express the feelings involved, different kinds of voice registers are provided: From a soft, melodious or whispered voice to raspy voice. Various pads and synthesizers are used to give depth and warmth to the songs where an acoustic guitar with a low tuning predominates. A multicultural composition on the instrumental level and a progressive rhythmic base create an exquisite atmosphere of imbalance and peculiarity.

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