At this point, I’m sure a fair few of you have heard of Galactic Empire. For those of you that haven’t, this is a very legitimate Star Wars metal band! Producer Carson James Slovak (August Burns Red, Skeletonwitch, Black Crown Initiate, Texas In July, Everclear etc.) has teamed up with Grant McFarland (This or the Apocalypse and fellow Atrium Audio producer) along with a number of minions to bring us the band Galactic Empire. Their main influence is the dark side of the force. Aside from the Cantina band, this may very well be the best Star Wars nerd band ever formed!

They made their debut shortly before the much anticipated, and now critically acclaimed, Star Wars Episode VII. They did this with a wicked cover of the main theme from Star Wars. And it appears they’ve not even close to slowing their roll! The band is currently in the process of adapting new tunes from the beloved Star Wars soundtrack.

Now, in order to make this happen, the Emperor wants you! The band is currently crowdfunding their debut album and touring plans along with further music videos! You can support the cause by CLICKING HERE! Join them in their quest to play live shows in support of the debut full-length album and together, we can rule the galaxy. You can find music along with their official statement down below!

We are Galactic Empire, a heavy metal band comprised of the most sinister villains in the universe. We have successfully infiltrated earth’s “internet” with our first music video, accumulating 8 million total views, press coverage from Huffington Post, Entertainment Weekly and MSNBC (among many others), and a live network television performance on E! Entertainment during their coverage of the 2016 Academy Awards.

But now we face a new mission. The puny humans of your small forest planet Earth have indicated a desire to see the mighty Galactic Empire perform our music in a live scenario. We would be most pleased to fulfill this request.

This Kickstarter campaign has been created to raise enough earth currency to acquire the proper equipment we will need to put on an explosive live show, including amps, speaker cabinets, in-ear monitors, lighting rig, cases, transportation, trailer, merchandise, costume modifications and everything else needed to lay waste to your local system with pure sonic annihilation. We will also use a portion of the money to cover the expenses of our new music video for “The Imperial March”, which you can view now on our Facebook page.

Your mission is to review the incentive packages below, which include pre-order bundles for our debut full-length album due out this summer, along with Kickstarter-exclusive merch designs, VIP access to shows, signed Empire-approved paraphernalia, your name printed in the album credits, and even a signed PRS guitar from the Galactic Arsenal. We will be frequently updating this page with news and developments, including artwork, track listing, release dates and more.

We are most grateful for your support and we hope you will assist us in spreading the word about this campaign of darkness. Join us and together, we can rule the Galaxy!

Links: Facebook // iTunes