This has been a good year for modern Thrash Metal. And it just got that much better. The mighty Revocation not only just announced their new album “Great Is Our Sin”, they launched a brand new single called “Communion”! It’s safe to say this one is a ripper.

The album itself is set with a release date of July 22nd through Metal Blade Records. The cover art has been unveiled along with the tracklisting. You can find all of the above down below.

The band’s frontman and guitarist Dave Davidson had the following to say of this venture, “We can’t wait to bring these songs out on the road and perform them for different audiences all over the world. ‘Great Is Our Sin’ is a new chapter for the band, and collectively we feel that it is our defining record to date.”

01. Arbiters of the Apocalypse
02. Theatre of Horror
03. Monolithic Ignorance
04. Crumbling Imperium
05. Communion 04:45
06. The Exaltation
07. Profanum Vulgus
08. Copernican Heresy
09. Only the Spineless Survive
10. Cleaving Giants of Ice
11. Altar of Sacrifice


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