Presenting Coastal Break! This is a solo artist on the rise from down in Coral Springs, Florida. The sound essentially comes down to an instrumental Djent infused take on Progressive Metalcore. Think somewhere along the lines of ERRA, Elitist, and Volumes. With sharp rhythmical attacks held in a melodic catalyst, the music provides a compelling duality intended to hold the listener’s ear in place.

This project has been cracking out releases since late 2013. The latest of these made landfall mere days ago. Going by the name of “Isolation”, this release consists of 7 tracks that fit the bill described up above. Currently, “Isolation” and the other releases are available for streaming a purchase over on Bandcamp.

Upon listening, we opted to team up with Coastal Break and bring some of the music directly to you! One of the latest singles “Muludhara” is now live and streaming over on YouTube. You can give a listen right here:


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp