Here’s one hell of a world premiere! Glasgow based metal unit From Sorrow To Serenity just recorded a nasty bass playthrough for the track “Nescient”, as performed by Andrew Simpson. That video is now seeing the light of day right here on The Circle Pit. Give the goods a go by hitting that “play” button down below.

Earlier this year, the band put out a monster of an album in “Remnant of Humanity”. Consisting of eleven tracks placed on an massive scale, there’s no doubt that heaviness reigns true in this band. There’s also no shortage of talent to go around as they’ve honed their craft. Definitely check out this album if you enjoy the playthrough!

“Remnant of Humanity” is currently available for purchase over on iTunes and Amazon, as well as the band’s official Merch Store. For further listening, the full album is also currently available for streaming over on YouTube. Enjoy!


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