Are you looking for supreme heaviness? If the answer is yes, I Dwell Beneath is a band that needs to be on your radar. Hailing from up in New Hampshire, this band brings the crushing depths of heaviness and horror down onto the skulls of unsuspecting listeners. All of this is held in an evil atmospheric catalyst designed from the fabric of your worst nightmares. All in all, the sound is massive. This band could easily be recommended for fans of Humanity’s Last Breath, Vildhjarta, and False Images.

They just put out their debut, self-titled EP which encompasses everything described above and some. This is done over the course of 5 hard hitting tracks. The music is currently available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp. Any and all support is well deserved.

Speaking of which, we’re currently streaming the entirety of this EP over on our YouTube channel. You can stream through this monster of a record right here, right now! Be sure to show some love to the band if you enjoy what they’re up to.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp