Lambgoat was responsible for releasing an all new Lorna Shore music video / single! Going by the name of “Fvneral Moon”, this track displays this band’s continual evolution and it’s impressive to say the very least. Their new album “Flesh Coffin” is slated for a February 17th release via Outerloop Records. Pre-orders for this beast are currently available to those who CLICK HERE.

You can scope out the video just below. Under that, you can find the relevant statements from the band in regards to “Fvneral Moon”. Enjoy!

“FVNERAL MOON was the one song we were most excited about during the writing process. The song is by far the darkest, most melody driven song we have written yet. With the help from Director Joey Durango, we were able to capture a visual that perfectly portrays our vision.”

“Sometimes people forget, that beyond our jobs, everything we own or our social standings, We’re just people. Some of us damaged and simply trying to cover a wound so none can see weakness, and some of us just covered in scars just ashamed of their past wanting no one to see their mistakes. Everything has its way of surfacing in the end, and you are the master of your own fate. Whatever it may be, understand that everyone struggles, no one is perfect, and always acknowledge there is beauty in the struggle of life. Never give in to the darkness.”


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