The Wraith Path is a steamroller of a project just looking for ears to crush. This Stockholm, Swedish based sound is powered by the mind of David Steinmarck. Stylistically, it could be categorized as a cross between Progressive Metal and Djent with other elements thrown in for suspense. Especially when considering that this is a one man band, we’re very impressed with the final product.

Speaking of the product, The Wraith Path released a self-titled debut in recent history. This is a great way to kick off the new project. Between it’s four tracks, one may expect down tuned devastation. The EP is currently available for purchase and streaming over on Bandcamp.

Furthermore, we’ve just partnered up with David to bring the music directly to you! The entirety of this self-titled effort is now live and streaming over on our YouTube channel. You can find the video stream just below. Enjoy!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp