Killswitch Engage frontman has announced that he is fronting a new punk / hardcore band. The name of the band and the musicians involved have yet to be announced. However, it has been made known that the project is more for fun than anything. Jesse made the following statement over on Instagram in support of this. He also posted up the following image:

It’s been a long time coming man! Woke up with a fire in my heart! These 4 albums serve as inspiration for a jam session today with 3 killer humans! Don’t tell anyone 😜but I’ve put together a punk hardcore band/project for fun and today is our first jam session here in NY! To say I’m excited is a vast understatement! Now I just need to hack my car out of a couple of feet of ice! Stay tuned, you know I gotta big mouth on here and I’ll drop details or a sample track as soon as I have them. This is a side project and it is being done for the pure enjoyment of playing. It is also a necessary outlet for a singing/yelling style and lyrics I can’t fit into any other band or project I’ve ever done. My 15 year old self is quite proud of me! GO!!!!!!! ✊🏼☠️ . #HardcorePride #UpThePunx #ProtestMusic #Friends #Passion #PMA #Hardcore #Punk #Bands #MinorThreat #7Seconds #BlackFlag #discharge #JesseLeach #FedUp #SpeakOut #Anarchy #Stoked #FightBack #TheWeapon