This is easily one of the largest crowdfunding efforts we’ve seen. Wintersun have set up a multi-tier crowdfunding campaign with the ultimate goal of raising €750,000 (~$791,473 USD) to build their own studio and deliver “TIME II”.

Their first goal of reaching €162,570 (~$171,559) was crushed in little over 24 hours. You can look and contribute for yourself by CLICKING HERE. As per usual with crowdfunding campaigns, there are incentives fueling the donations. This includes special editions of their immediate album “The Forest Seasons” (due out this July through Nuclear Blast Records).

Here’s a snippet of the statement from the band in regards to this:

“Reaching the final goal will enable us to build the Wintersun Headquarters immediately and deliver TIME II the fastest way with the best production and start recording our future Wintersun albums with our true vision for you guys!!!

Additionally, having our own Wintersun Headquarters studio & rehearsal place will help us to work more efficiently on other things like music videos, rehearsal videos, studio videos and video updates for you. Having our own place will also help us to improve our live production for bigger and better live shows, perhaps with a real orchestra someday and doing a live video recording of it which has also been a long time dream of ours! So let’s make all these things happen guys! You have the power to help us!


In celebration of reaching their first crowdfunding goal, Jari Mäenpää posted up the following video:

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