If there’s anything metalheads know how to do, it’s drink. If there’s any setting where metalheads like to drink, it’s at a festival. And if there’s any festival in the world that all metalheads would love to attend, it’s the mighty Wacken Open Air in Germany!

Add up all these factors and we have a new feat of innovation for the 2017 edition of the festival to be held on Aug 3 – Aug 5, 2017 in the locale it’s named after. A beer pipeline! Not just any beer pipeline either – it will be massive! The construct will run over 7-km (4+ miles) and channel 400,000 litres of beer!

Why? Supply and demand. According to Statista, the 75,000 metalheads that attend the event annually drink around 5 litres of beer per person. God bless the livers!

If you’re interested in attending the festival, you can head over to the Official Website for more information! Likewise, if you’d like to learn more about the pipeline, you may do so by CLICKING HERE.

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