Some of you may remember when The Zenith Passage dropped the massive EP “Cosmic Dissonance”. It especially struck a chord with those who loved The Faceless “Planetary Duality” type sound which makes sense seeing as The Zenith Passage guitarist Justin McKinney is now a member of The Faceless. Ever since “Cosmic Dissonance”, they’ve signed a noteworthy record deal with the one and only Unique Leader Records and have been working on new, aurally destructive music

“Solipsist” was their debut full-length last year and a massive Techncial Death Metal record to boot. In support of this, the band just released an all new music video for the track “Deus Deceptor”. You cand find this below along with the full album stream!

If you enjoy the batshit crazy music, you can purchase it by CLICKING HERE! Enjoy the metallic sounds.


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