Every once in a blue moon, my first reaction to a band is trying to scrape my face off the ground. Archspire have achieved this effect with an absolutely ruthless approach in Technical Death Metal perfection. Trying to deny this bands talent is like trying to bite your own ear off. Good luck with that.

2011’s “All Shall Align” was impressive to say the very least. But 2014’s “The Lucid Collective” brought things to a whole new level, undoubtedly standing as a masterpiece of the sub-genre.

It was very hard to envision the band topping their previous efforts while moving into their third album cycle. It didn’t seem physically possible given the massive talent and damn near unbelievable speed exhibited in all components. However, I stand corrected… Archspire have done it once again. Who knows what they feed them up in Canada…?

There must be something in the water at the very least because “Relentless Mutation” is a new milestone, arguably for the whole sub-genre. The word “impressive” barely encompasses the delivery of this record. I’m not even entirely sure that Archspire has any human members among their ranks.

Every member of this band absolutely shreds within their own right. They push the envelope in ways that not many musical units can. From the undertow of the drums and bass to the unbelievable guitar work up top, the instrumental corps of Archspire is disgustingly adept at what they do. That’s not even touching on the vocals of Oli Peters who is basically the Tech N9ne of metal music with unbelievable spitfire abilities.

My first listen to “Relentless Mutation” occurred outdoors with a few tasty beverages and one of my oldest friends who doesn’t typically lean in the direction of Technical Death Metal. Needless to say, we were both very impressed. Also needless to say, that was far from my only listen to this absolute monster of an album.

After devouring this LP pretty consistently since that initial release on September 22nd, I can’t find any true fault with it. Archspire have, once again, pulled off a flawless victory. At best, I can bitch and moan that it only has 7 tracks but that would frankly be petty given the pure quality over quantity situation put forth here.

From the very opening moments of this album (which also served as the record’s first single), it’s clear that the listener is in for quite an experience brought about by unrealistic speed and excellence. Even the classical break of “Involuntary Doppelgänger” does nothing to slow this band’s talents, rather adding a very nice taste to the overall experience. Other moments like this stem throughout the record as well.

In reality, every single one of these seven tracks has something beyond special to offer the listeners as the band pushes everything onwards and upwards. I could sit here and nitpick the bits from the individual numbers on this LP but these mere words would do them no true justice. Just buckle up and listen to “Relentless Mutation” for yourselves! You most likely won’t regret the rush that Archspire brings.

This is an extremely great album that easily stands amongst the best that 2017 has to offer fans of metal music. It’s easily one of my personal favorites. You can sample for yourselves through the streaming tracks up above. Likewise, you can pick up the album to call your own by CLICKING HERE or HERE. Prepare to have your collective faces removed!

Stay Tech.

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