When one thinks of metal demos (or just music demos in general), it’s not rare to cross thoughts of low quality or incomplete products intended to stay deep in the underground. Essentially, demos are usually intended to show a mere glimpse of the glory to come.

That is not the case at all today. The glory is here. Gareth Mason, known for his excellent work in Slice The Cake (LISTEN HERE), is the brain behind the muscial beauty displayed through the project Fissures.

Through this medium, he just released an all new, lengthy series known as “The Long Winter Demos”. It’s made up of 9 solid tracks that will crush the ears and lift the soul. They were constructed around 2013-2015 and are just now seeing the light of day.

The whole package is currently available for streaming and purchase over on Bandcamp (where’s it’s also up for a “name your price” download!). You can enjoy the music right here:

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp