Here’s a debut music video / track from a promising, new Deathcore unit! Wendigo’s Throne is a five-piece band that have been hard at work devising new ways to crush ears from their home of Rīga, Latvia. This is only the beginning of what they have to offer!

That being the case, go ahead and enjoy the music video for “Innocents” by pressing that play button just below. You’ll quickly find that the video is excellently made and has a number of features for Deathcore fans to enjoy!

You can follow the band over on Facebook & Instagram as we stay tuned for more!

Wendigo’s Throne had the following to say of their efforts:

During this time, we have combined all of our ideas, and we have succeeded in creating deep, atmospheric music interweaved by dark, almost evil means of expression, affected by the darkest and most depressing chapters of our lives!

Links: Facebook // Instagram