Lucid Walk are prepared to stomp on unsuspecting ears the world over. Formed in 2015 and hailing from Detroit, this band drops a destructive core driven sound with ventures through a number of metal sub-genres and darkened realms in order to culminate their overall approach to music. No matter where they tread, its safe to expect some form of heaviness along the way.

All of this and more shows through the band’s debut release by the name of “Nightmares”. It packs in a total of 6 tracks clocking in at ~25 minutes. They released this effort a few weeks following the turn of the new year. It’s currently available for streaming on both YouTube on Bandcamp where you can also purchase the goods. You can find both of these options down below.

Through the dissonance of the steamrolling sound cuts a message and intention of positivity. Thematically, all six tracks share different dark stories for the ultimate purpose of encouragement and inspiration for the audience. Lucid Walk intend to uplift and relate to their listeners which is always admirable. This is the purpose behind the EPs concept and song titles.

If you enjoy the work of Lucid Walk, be sure to follow along! You can reach the band over on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram! As mentioned before, you can also grab the goods on Bandcamp!

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