It appears that The Contortionist drummer Joey Baca will be taking time off from the band for awhile. This is being done so he address what the band has described as “personal matters that require his attention at home” which is completely fair. Life is a difficult process and these things happen.

In his stead, the band will be bringing on Johnny Concannon for the next couple tours. All of this was announced via the following statement:

“Due to some personal matters that require his attention at home, Joey Baca will be sitting out on the upcoming tours. In his place, we’ve brought in one of his early percussion mentors, Johnny Concannon. We’ve been rehearsing with Johnny for the past couple of weeks and can’t wait for you to hear his take on the tracks. See you on the road!”

In other news, The Contortionist are set to go on tour with no less than Silent Planet, Skyharbor, and Strawberry Girls soon! You can get the dates and more information for that by CLICKING HERE.

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