Want to be the vocalist for The HAARP Machine? Now is your chance! The band is hosting a contest to bring on new talent. You can get the details (and some entertainment) through the first video down below.

The HAARP Machine has been increasingly active in recent history. Late last month, guitarist Al Mum’in launched a playthrough for an all new track by the name of “Shedding”! That’s the exact instrumental that’s being used for the vocal contest.

Awhile back, it was also announced that The HAARP Machine was seeking other new members… It would appear that a new drummer has been added to the line-up. A very talented drummer at that! If looks aren’t deceiving, it appears to be Sydney Taieb, also of the Paris-based band Atlantis Chronicles, taking up the spot behind the kit in The HAARP Machine. That being the case, you can also watch his awesome playthrough for the track “Lower The Populace” below.

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