Are you looking for the kind of music that just twists your face into a heavy grimace? Inner Abysm are in the business of producing truly nasty sounds that will rumble your insides. More specifically, they bring about a very technical take on the Deathcore sub-genre comparable to the likes of A Night In Texas, Infant Annihilator, Enterprise Earth, and A Trust Unclean. The band is based globally with members from the United States over to Russia, making for a truly brutal connection of talents. In fact, the line-up consists of members from Obscure Of Acacia and Slave I!

Inner Abysm have launched their first single by the name of “Blind Worship” and it’s truly a ripper of a track to behold! You can scope it out through the YouTube link provided below. We’re currently hosting this beast over on our channel.

If you enjoy what this band is doing, be sure to give them a follow over on Facebook and you’re able able to grab the track on Bandcamp. Do it to it! This band deserves all the support they can get!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp