Anas Ibn Malek Abid has proven to be quite the talented individual! He’s been expertly riding waves of sound and releasing plenty of notably advanced music with some different approaches from his home over in Toulouse, France. In about 7 years, the man has launched almost 10 different projects (some with differing names) which are all remarkable for a myriad of reasons.

It appears that he’s currently on the precipice of releasing an all new project with an all new name! Under the moniker of EnomaE, an all new EP effort will soon be released. It will go by the name of “Shades”. Stay tuned for more information on that release…

As it stands, however, you won’t have to wait another moment to give this music a sampling! A brand new guitar playthrough for the EP’s title track has surfaced on the internet and proves to be a solid track in all aspects. You can give a listen from start to finish by hitting the “play” button right here:

This single and all of the music from Anas Ibn Malek Abid is currently available for streaming and purchase over on Bandcamp. It’s highly recommended that anyone seeking some good, original music gives this artist a go because there’s a lot to discover here.

You can also show support and get an impression of what’s coming next by following on social media platforms like Facebook.

There will be plenty more content where this came from… Stay tuned for new music!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp