Woundvac are a force to be reckoned with. They create absolutely crushing music with ruthless production and imagery to back it up. Summoned forth from the arid depths of Phoenix, Arizona – this four-piece band combine elements of Death Metal, Grindcore, and more to accomplish this. They’ve been hard at work for several years, putting out a number of heavy hitting releases and splits in that time.

This month, they struck back with an all new album release by the name of “Terrorizing The Swarm”. If you’re looking for some energy, this is the place to be! Woundvac lay out some high octane death / grind that will make your blood boil from the inside out. The new LP features 13 tracks just waiting to worm their way inside ears! The full experience can be streamed and purchased over on Bandcamp where the band is also running with some awesome merch options!

To support this beast of an album, we’re also now streaming “Terrorizing The Swarm” from front to back! You can enjoy this in full by pressing down the “play” button right here:

Also.. if you’d like to hear even more from Woundvac, it’s your lucky day! We had recently streamed their “Infamy” EP as well. Check it out by pressing that “play” button here:

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp