Italy’s very own Dissonance Festival just made another announcement for the 2018 edition of the festivities! This time around, they’re rolling out the Italian acts that will be showing up with one more to be announced yet… You can look it over on the flyer up above and read over their translated statement in regards to this here:

And here are the Italian bands that will perform at the next #dissonance! There was one last Italian surprise to announce next week, try to guess who it is?

In the meantime we welcome The Modern Age Slavery, Ralph Salati (DESTRAGE), Bemore, Invivo, HVTER, Against The Ocean, NOT YET FALLEN, Nothing Left To Regret , Forlorn Seas, Tonight We Stand, NEBULAE, Diatonic Sun, Words As Knives, Jx Arket, and Dawn Won’t Come.

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