Make Me A Donut make some sweet music from over in Switzerland. Boasting five highly talented members with leanings towards modern metal, they bring a large scale sound I’m sure a number of people visiting The Circle Pit would enjoy.

Their chops have been put on display through a number of album releases in recent years – “Bright Side” and “Olson”. Now, they appear to be ramping up towards something new, putting out an all new music video and single release by the name of “The Event”. It turns out to be a good, hard hitting venture from the band as they continue down their chosen musical path. You can watch how this plays out by pressing the play button provided below.

If you enjoy the music here, be sure to check their previous albums and prepare for what comes next! You can connect with the band on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp, and over on their Official Website.

MAKE ME A DONUT – The Event (Official Music Video)

Make Me A Donut – "The Event"GET YOUR BUNDLE : from SwitzerlandBUY OTHER MERCH HERE: by Make Me A Donut Mix and master by Martin Gronnier from Wavelength Records. Directed by Theo Benjamin :

Posted by The Circle Pit on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Links: Facebook // Official Website // YouTube // Bandcamp