Did you know that Keir Gilchrist, who plays Sam Gardner on the Netflix show Atypical, is the frontman in two extreme metal bands?

The bands are the Grindcore unit Whelm and the Death Metal unit Phalanx. This was unveiled through a recent feature over on Bandcamp. We encourage you to go check that out for a deeper dive on this particular crossover. Find out what other extreme metal bands Keir is into while living his “death metal double life” and learn more about his approach to making music in these bands!

If you wish to dig right in, you can give a listen to both of his bands right here, right now! Both could easily be recommended to any fans of extreme metal. This is quality stuff:

You can also watch the trailer for the latest season of his show Atypical just below. If you want to watch the show for yourself, head over to Netflix and make it happen!