Here’s heavy music for a good cause! Wheelturner is quite the interesting project powered by the mind of Infinite Density’s Cygnus. The whole goal of the project is to help people with Mental Health / Drug and Alcohol problems. As such, all proceeds are donated to local services of the sort.

The man himself describes the album as such:

“I began this project in 2014 whilst battling addiction with illicit substances. Coming clean was an absolute nightmare and I was in a very dark place. Having already struggled with mental health issues, this experience just amplified problems that were already there. Stuck in a personal hell, my only outlet was Music. I couldn’t even bare to face the world. So I locked myself away and wrote a very intense album during that transition into sobriety. I wrote and produced 15 short songs during times of mania. I wasn’t sure what to do with the project.

I asked a few friends from the local scene if they were interested in collaborating. The project then turned into a showcase of local talent. 15 songs with 15 vocalists. There have been some hiccups along the way, people wasting my time and abandoning ship after waiting months for them to do their parts. Hence it’s taken 4 years to see the light of day since its inception.

But things happen when they’re meant to happen and I am extremely proud with how it turned out. Now is a good time in my life. I am 32. I am completely sober, stabilised and seeing an excellent psychologist and counsellor weekly. Photography has saved me from the darkness and reacquainted me with all the beauty that surrounds me. I will be donating the proceeds from digital downloads to local Mental Health / Drug and Alcohol services. Don’t be ashamed to reach out for help. We think we have all the answers but we don’t. All we can do is be better than the day before.”

To support the project, we’re now streaming the track featuring vocals from Black Crown Initiate’s very own James Dorton! Give a listen and pick up the album over on Bandcamp if you enjoy!

Cygnus also wanted us to shed light on another service in order to help people around the world. As such, we’d like to turn your attention to heartsupport, a community for metal music fans to discover the strength to overcome adversity and trials –

Links: Wheelturner Bandcamp // Heartsupport