Chthonic have announced their new album “Battlefields Of Asura”! This will be released on October 10th. They’re currently teasing this beast through the video provided below.

Here’s the official word on this:

“The new album ‘Battlefields Of Asura‘ depicts the adventure of deities in Taiwan through eleven songs carrying messages about resistance, freedom and fraternity. The journey is full of hostility, adversary, impregnable fortresses and desires but also inspires infinite courage to search for eternal wisdom. Anyone deeply touched by this album will eventually realize that it is the origin of all thrilling epic stories portrayed in the past albums.

This album sounds like gods versus devils and fights among evil spirits on the surface; however, everyone can feel the empathy of fury, grief and even strength of resurgence from the lyrics.”

Furthermore, Doris Yeh had the following to say:

“This album is the prologue of the albums released in the past and was inspired by and dedicated to the activists of Taiwan’s first modern political reform movement back in 1920s.”

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