In a feat of guitar wizardry, our friend and highly talented guitarist Sam Mooradian took on the wickedness that is Necrophagist’s “Epitaph” will a FULL ALBUM COVER! You can watch this play out through the video stream provided below.

Guitarist Sam Mooradian had the following to say of this challenge:

“I took it upon myself to learn and perform Necrophagist’s album ‘Epitaph’ as a challenge to push myself further as a guitarist. I also wanted to pay homage to one of my all-time favorite bands, and, oh I don’t know, bring attention to the fact that it has been a criminal amount of time since we’ve heard from them… Muhammed, if you’re reading this, we miss you.

The project took 2.5 years from start to finish, but I am very pleased with the final product, and I hope the community enjoys it as well.”

In other recent news, Sam Mooradian is preparing to release a solo EP called “Depression For Breakfast”. Just last week, he released the lead single for this here on The Circle Pit! The man himself describes it as a “dark, melodically crunchy dive into a melting psyche, full of slap guitars and disorienting leads – not to mention a Wilhelm Scream.” You can enjoy that and prepare for what comes next by CLICKING HERE…

Sam Mooradian: YouTube // Bandcamp

Necrophagist: Facebook // Twitter // iTunes