Sadly, it would appear that drummer Sydney Taieb (Atlantis Chronicles) and Dan Thornton (Novena) have left The HAARP Machine under less than desirable circumstances. This is evinced from thing’s they’ve said since departing.

For starters, Sydney had the following to say:

I’m thrilled to announce that… I’m leaving THE HAARP MACHINE

Turns out that I just can’t work with a dictator / megalomaniac / prick. You, young skilled drummer full of dreams behind your screen : If you want to be the carpet where this (you know who) -fake & bad band- leader can clean his shoes on, well, feel free to pick up the torch. I’m nobody’s bitch.

Honestly, I hesitated a lot before posting this 3/3 THM playthrough but I don’t like to flush my work in the toilet (+8 others songs you’ll never see me playing!). Yes, I added AGAIN some of my own stuffs (even if it might not please SOMEONE) because I don’t see the point to redo exactly what have already be done + I like my stuffs + 95% of you really don’t care or feel the difference haha 😏 Hope you’ll enjoy.

I have a lot of EXCITING and FUN work coming up with my dear mates in ATLANTIS CHRONICLES (+ extra projects + others playthrough on their way…)

Be yourself. Stay free.

Dan Thornton, on the other hand, simply left the following comments after being brought up on a thread:

Despite this, The HAARP Machine is still posting teasers suggesting new music (and maybe new members?). Here’s the latest from yesterday:

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