We reached out to the Alkaloid line-up asking if they’d be interested in sharing their favorite albums of 2018. Turns out some of them were! So here are Christian Münzner’s favorite albums of the year!

Chrisitan also plays in Eternity’s End and has a worthwhile solo project! Furthermore, in the past, he made waves in bands like Necrophagist, Obscura, Spawn of Possession, Defeated Sanity, and many more.

We also received a top 10 list from Alkaloid’s Danny Tunker which you can look at by CLICKING HERE.

10. Judas Priest – Firepower

9. Cosmic Atrophy – The Void Engineers

8. Riot V – Armor Of Light

7. Monstrosity – The Passage Of Existence

6. Unlucky Morpheus – Change Of Generation

5. Impellitteri – The Nature Of The Beast

4. Sacral Rage – Beyond Celestial Echoes

3. Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath

2. Fifth Angel – The Third Secret

1. Sulphur Aeon – The Scythe Of Cosmic Chaos