Subnuba are arguably one of the most exciting up and coming metal bands out there today. Through a series of singles, we’ve seen their aggressive evolution across a number of different styles that were all executed beautifully both in terms of songwriting and sound.

It’s all built up to this point… Subnuba are preparing to release a full-length, debut album by the name of “Distant Pixels”! This will land to leave a crator on December 28th! Pre-orders are currently available over on Bandcamp!

In support, their premiering an all new single by the name of “Nebulous Unknown” right here, right now! It’s a monster of a track that comes highly recommended to fans of Tech Death and Progressive Death Metal. If that includes you, get on it and hit that play button!

If you’d like to follow along with the band as they build up to the album release, you may do so over on Facebook. This is gonna be great!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp