The Black Order is a power trio out of Defiance, Ohio and has been on a steady climb through the metal ranks, playing as many dates as humanly possible and getting radio play in over 30 countries, all the while gaining over 22,000 views and 10,000 plays within 3 months on their websites.

The Black Order recently released their latest album “The Great American Overdose” which features their current and most dynamic and technical lineup to date, in the latter part of 2017. Cole Miner (Defiance, OH), who joined as the band’s drummer in 2014, brings a relentless aggression and uncanny chops to the drums. The aforementioned qualities, along with an excellent sense of dynamics and rhythmic possibilities, have allowed Cole’s drumming to lay a brand new, unparalleled foundation to the band’s music. Jon Thrasher (Toledo, OH), who joined as the band’s bassist in early 2017, brings a unique and colorful sense of both rhythm and melody to the band through a creative variety of bass grooves, leads, solos, and an extremely tight, “in the pocket”, style of playing. Add Ian Yaichner’s ear-splitting guitar tone, machine gun-like solos, and throat shredding vocals, and the result is The Black Order plunging into uncharted creative territory in its most angry, driving, and groovy form yet.

Their live show is an absolute take-no-shit, pulverizing slew of sonic kicks to the gut that will leave any crowd they play for completely decimated.

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