Have you ever wanted to give feedback on your love of metal music? Now is your chance!

We recently came into contact with some researchers conducting a full scale metal study and you can participate by navigating through the following form!




Here’s what they had to say of this:

What is metal music for you ?
Which band made you become a fan ?
What are the 3 most representative bands of metal music ?
What are metal values ? metal external image ?
… lots of question to explore…

After having been selected in 2014 at one of the first major symposiums around Metal music in Angers in 2014, two french researchers from the East of France propose, with you, to explore the theme of “Metal and Reception: Public & Territories”.

This study on the reception of metal music will be proposed during the second international symposium on metal in France (Nantes – June 2019).

Objective: 500 answers from all over France, Europe, or more.

Reception, what is it? It is your history and your meeting with this musical universe, your tastes, its values (to which you adhere, or not), your daily life, your practices, your feelings … and many more things around this music, what it represents for you.

Metal is a big family (an extraordinarily extensive field of research , according to Dina Weinstein), beyond the clichés relayed in some media, we would like to give you the floor to open the debate seriously.

Thank you for taking 10 minutes to fill out this web form. Feel free to spread some questions.

Links: Participate in the study!