Folk / Viking Metal legends TÝR released an all new music video for the Faroese ballad “Ragnars Kvæði”! This was, of course, done in support of their latest album “Hel” out tomorrow. It’s currently available for pre-order to those who CLICK HERE.

Here’s what the band had to say of this:

“Ragnars Kvæði is a traditional Faroese ballad about Ragnar Loðbrók, the legendary king of Denmark during the seventh century. This melody was preserved on a very old recording in the Faroese from sometime around the middle of the 1900s, and the text in some Faroese manuscripts from the mid 1800s. The original ballad is very long, over 100 verses. Here we have only three verses, taken from the part about where Ragnar meets Aslaug. This part is a migratory legend with parallels in many cultures around the world. I thought this ballad was really worth something, so my first thought was to make a Heavy Metal version of it for Týr. Terji plays the solo on the album version, but Attila made a new solo for this version, since he would be playing in the video, and well done indeed! Thanks to all who participated in the hard work of making this video. We hope you enjoy it!” – Heri Joensen

“This video’s story is based on an ancient ballad: two souls are looking for each other through time and space; they are summoning each other in their dreams, reading the signs to finally meet – no matter when and where they were before. The story was shot in Transylvania, Romania, and Hungary, and every place we visited gave us hard circumstances and surprising solutions at the same time, so it was a true adventure.

“Since the weather changes really fast in Transylvania, planning ahead was not an option sometimes; we had to improvise quite often. Our half-naked actors showed true grit; the temperature was around -6 °C (around 22 °F) during the snowy scenes. The band parts were shot also in Slovenia (along with the video for “Sunset Shore”) and that trip was also a huge challenge but the band members were absolutely tough, and we climbed together the highest hills with full equipment in our hands and on our backs. We all agreed that exceptional things are born this way, so putting 120% effort into it wasn’t a problem for anybody.” – Viktor / Mihaszna Film

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