Struggling, eclectic but also granitic and tight, the new single by this very young Venetian quartet offers a clear deathcore essence which marries a variety of metal and non-metal influences. Released through the well-known American channel Chugcore, “Dear Dad” tells one of the faces of pain: the loss of reason and the oppression. In the narration it moves between a restless riffing and touching melodic inserts. The massive growl and scream singing is completed by strong and present clean vocals that guide the listener to know and recognize even their own conflicts without ever leaving him alone.

All this translates into the collapse of the first nucleus of which each of us is part, the family. The video, with strokes of cold tones, unstable lights and interactions with objects full of meaning, tells of the disintegration of a reference point.

– Felice Monda


Videomaking by: MABE – Mattia Bello

Father – Diego De Francesco
Father – Alberto Mazzalovo
Mother – Selene Bussanich
Little girl – Aurora Silvestrin

Recorded and mixed by Fabrizio Gesuato of Inverno Studios
Mastered by Justin Paul Hill (Betraying the Martyrs, Heart of a Coward, Polar, SikTh)
Lyrics and music: The Silence Between Us


Guitar – Salvatore Palomba
Vocals – Federico Cardazzo
Bass and clean vocals – Chiara Zanon
Drums – Samuele Dei Rossi


Melodic Deathcore

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